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 Web Burghley Girth

Breathable, cushion web fabric wicks away moisture to reduce the risk of chafing. General purpose girth with quality anti-rust fittings. Machine washable...

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Anti Chafe Neoprene Girth with Elastic

These Shires Anti Chafe Girths are web girths made from synthetic material that are lined with a removable layer of neoprene.This shires girth features double layer elastic inserts at both ends to maintain an even pressure across the rib cage.The Shires girths are wipe clean and have stainless steel..

30.00€ 55.00€

Contoured Memory Gel Girth

The specially designed gel padding works in synergy with your horses movement allowing freedom of movement, reduced pressure and no pinching...


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Fleece Lined Dressage Girth

This synthetic dressage girth is lined with synthetic wool for increased airflow to help prevent girth galls and rubs. The contour shape allows extra room behind the elbows whilst double layer elastic inserts at both ends relieve pressure. Stainless steel fittings...

20.00€ 45.00€

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Fleece Lined Girth with Elastic

Shires Fleece Lined Girth is a comfortable synthetic wool lined girth that allows increased airflow to prevent girth galls and rubs, with stainless steel buckles and double layer elastic inserts at both ends. This girth is machine washable and quick drying...

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Girth Sleeves

Girth Sleeves..


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HKM Softopren Girth

This HKM Softopren Girth is made from high quality soft neoprene material which is highly durable. This fabric is non-slip, breathable and also protects against pressure points and therefore reduces the chance of girth sores. Strong fittings with roller buckles. Machine wash..

10.00€ 40.00€

Leather Girth

Quality leather padded chaffless girth with stainless steel buckles and elastic...


Neoprene Girth

This comfy, padded and contoured girth comes with stainless steel buckles and elastic for a comfortable fit...


Stud Guard Girth

High quality leather and softly padded.Protects belly from injury caused by horse shoes and studs whilst jumping.Elastics ends. ..


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